Jeffrey Butscher is a writer and producer of film, television and online media under his iEntertain banner. His bug with the entertainment business goes back to his early adulthood when his first taste was as an extra on Brian De Palma's Blow Out, starring John Travolta. Butscher just wrapped filming his original story and screenplay, Timecrafters: The Treasure of Pirate's Cove, a theatrical family feature, with Rick Spalla directing and Butscher Executive Producing, along with his writing partner, Chip Fraser. While searching for lost treasure, time-travelling pirates end up in the modern day and do battle with unlikely foes, a group of kids with the latest in tech gadgetry. The cast includes Malcolm McDowell, Denise Richards, Eric Balfour, Patrick Muldoon, Lew Temple and a great cast of rising young stars, including Casey Simpson of Nickelodeon’s series Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.

 Butscher is currently shopping a scripted docu-series, Family Farm, and a scripted TV animated series, Cannabis Cannibals, both co-created with David Bohnert, Co-EP of such reality TV shows as The Gong Show, Utopia and The Bachelor. Previously, he was shopping two other reality TV shows he co-created, Terror Takedown and Battle Scars. His reality series, Salon Confidential, was optioned by Left Field Productions. He is also shopping a reality docu-series entitled, Cannibal. It is a life and death social experiment; wherein six Westerners are invited to live with the Korowai Tribe, one of the few remaining cannibal tribes located in the Indonesian Province of Papua.


Butscher is also a Producer and in post-production on a Beatles feature documentary entitled The Magic and The Mystery. He was an Executive Producer on the reality TV show, Red Hot Design, starring Shasta Smith of The Vintage Monkey, broadcast on A&E's lifestyle channel, FYI. Butscher produced three prior films, a documentary, The Sound Track of Our Lives, and two feature films, The Adventures of Ragtime and One More Shot.


Butscher is also a licensed real estate broker in California and a Broker-Salesperson in Nevada under his brand BuyVegas. His brokerage, Jeffrey International, specializes in international real estate but is also a capital source for his independent projects. Butscher is an MBA candidate with Pepperdine University's Presidents and Key Executives (PKE) MBA program. He studied Macroeconomics at Oxford University, Artificial Intelligence (AI) at MIT Sloan School and has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC).


Finally, Butscher is an accredited freelance Arts & Culture writer and journalist recognized by the International Association of Press Photographers (IAPP). He resides in Manhattan Beach, CA and frequently travels to Las Vegas. His best creation so far is his beautiful daughter, Brigitte Butscher.



Butscher oversees all aspects of film production, from development, casting, raising capital, to managing the actual production and post-production. The ultimate goal is to make sure his films are profitably distributed and exploited worldwide. His films have been released worldwide.


As a Television Producer and creator, Butscher is credited as an Executive Producer. He creates the original show concept and develops it through a pitch deck and sizzle reel, to the point it can be sold directly to network TV or through a large production company. 



Butscher is a produced film screenwriter and creates his own original stories. Butscher writes series screenplays, TV pilots, synopsis, pitch decks and has extensive character development. He writes original content and has been an online editorial contributor.


As a media producer, Butscher has a wealth of electronic media, branding and business development experience, from marketing his brands to helping others expand and exploit theirs. He also designs all his websites and has provided design and marketing consultation for others.  


Butscher is an artist and designer. He prefers abstract and mixed media. He is a fan of pop and street art and his medium of choice is acrylic. His artistic range runs a full spectrum, from designing logos to creating cartoon characters. Butscher has also designed and produced a clothing line featured in Elle Japan. 




  • Timecrafters: The Treasure of Pirates Cove (Feature Film), Original Story and Screenplay, Executive Producer, Spring 2019 (post-production)

  • Family Farm (Scripted Docu-series), Executive Producer and Co-Creator, 2019 (shopping concept)

  • Cannabis Cannibals (Scripted TV Animated Series), Executive Producer and Co-Creator, 2019 (shopping show deck & pilot script)

  • Cannibals (TV Docu-Series), Executive Producer, 2018 (shopping show deck with Leftfield/ITV)

  • The Magic and the Mystery (Feature Documentary), Producer, 2017 (development)

  • Battle Scars (TV Docu-Series), Executive Producer, 2016 (shopping show deck)

  • Terror Takedown (TV Docu-Series), Executive Producer, 2016 (shopping show deck)

  • Salon Confidential (TV Docu-Series), Executive Producer, 2015 (optioned by Left Field)

  • Rock Star Renovations (Reality TV), Executive Producer, 2015 (shopping sizzle)

  • Red Hot Design (Reality TV), Executive Producer, 2014 (7 x 1-hour episodes on A&E's FYI Channel)

  • The Soundtrack of Our Lives (Feature Documentary) Writer and Producer/Self, 2005 

  • The Adventures of Ragtime (Feature Film), Producer, 1998 

  • One More Shot (Feature Film), Producer/Actor, 1996




  •, Producer/Owner (internet)

  •, Producer/Owner (internet)

  •, Producer/Owner  (internet)

  •, Owner (internet)

  • (internet), Director Sales & Marketing

  • The Vintage Monkey (internet/brick and mortar), Logo concept

  • First Page Sage (on-line editorial), Editorial Contributor

  •, Acting Board Member (internet)

  • PHRESH, Owner (design/branding)

  • Semotus/Wizshop (internet), Sr. Business Development Director

  • (internet), Vice President Sales & Marketing



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